Manocept™ CD206-Targeting Platform for Potential Immunodiagnostic and Immunotherapeutic Applications

Navidea’s Manocept™ platform is predicated on the ability to specifically target the CD206 mannose receptor expressed on macrophages. Macrophages play important roles in many disease states and are an emerging target in many disorders.

The Backbone for Diagnostic or Drug Conjugates

This flexible and versatile Manocept platform acts as an engine for purpose-built molecules that may enhance diagnostic accuracy, clinical decision-making, targeted treatments and ultimately patient care. 

As an immunodiagnostic tool, the Manocept technology has the potential to utilize a breadth of imaging modalities, including SPECT, PET, intra-operative and/or optical-fluorescence detection. Navidea is developing a pipeline of immunodiagnostic applications beginning with rheumatoid arthritis, Kaposi’s sarcoma and cardiovascular disease with an addressable market that is substantially larger than the current Lymphoseek indications in Oncology.

By adding a therapeutic agent on the Manocept molecular backbone, there is the potential to develop novel, targeted immunotherapies specifically designed to selectively deliver a drug that can kill or alter disease-associated macrophages.

Navidea’s FDA-approved precision diagnostic imaging agent, Lymphoseek® (technetium 99m tilmanocept) injection, is representative of the platform’s ability to successfully exploit this mechanism and offer the potential for development of a pipeline of new CD206-targeted immunodiagnostic agents and Manocept-based immunotherapeutics.